How To Help Your Children Become An Excellent Reader

In this day and age, many children consider reading to be a boring task. That is because they have become used to observing the visuals displayed in the TV shows and video games. Therefore they now don’t have the imagination to develop imaged when reading books. However, what they don’t realize is the importance of reading. Reading is something that they will need every day of their life till the day they die.  

Encourage All Reading 

After your child comes home from British international school Bangkok Thailand you would tell them to study or to read their textbooks. This is something that we have observed in many parents. They tend to discourage them from reading comic books or fiction. Instead, they keep insisting the child reads educational books. However, what this does is discourage the child from reading books altogether. Therefore no matter what they are reading try to encourage them to continue this habit. The only thing that parents should be concerned about is whether it is age appropriate. Furthermore, they should also attempt to keep an array of books at home. This would then encourage the child to read about different subjects.  

Encourage Them To Write 

Parents normally hound the child to write the essays given to them by their prep international schoolHowever, they never take the time to encourage the child to write for fun. You may now be thinking that writing and reading are two different things. However, this is not exactly true. That is because both reading and writing come under literacy. Therefore developing one would also help to develop another. When the child begins to write for fun they would also begin to read for fun. That is because in order to expand the material they want to write about they would have to read.  

Read To Your Children 

We understand that parents are overwhelmingly busy. They not only have to look after the children. But they also have to maintain a household and focus on their career. However, irrespective of how busy they are they should take the time to read to the child. This can be something that you can do with the child before they fall asleep. 30 minutes before bedtime proceed to read a book to your child. This way the child would not only learn phonetics. But your reading would encourage them to read. 

Reading is one skill that every individual should possess. Therefore make sure that your child also possesses this skill by following the tips mentioned in the above article.