Active Tips For An Active Life

So many years back, people were hunters in the wilderness. Then they bulked down and made camps as herdsmen. Even after that, they started farming. During each of these stages they were active in their lifestyle. If any illnesses occur to them, that is due to them not knowing facts about boiling water before drinking, germs and things like that. In contrast, today, there’s a vastly improved scientific knowledge, however, there are so many congenital diseases and health complications keep popping up due to wrong eating habits. 

Active defined  

What exactly does it mean to be active? It depends on the level of activity you are engaged in day-to-day life and your body size. BMI or Body Mass Index is an important concept here; it calculates your height-to-weight proportion. There’s a certain level which is considered healthy. Although the BM index cannot define to a hundred percent whether you are healthy or active, it can definitely be a starting point. Active should mean to you, being fit and feeling fit; consider day-to-day activities. Do you puff and pant after climbing a staircase? When was the last time you climbed a staircase, to begin with? Do you regularly walk at least 2 km or workout to burn a considerable number of calories? Simple activities can make you living a healthy life as you should, like playing with your children in the evening, running, taking part in a yin yoga workshop or even just taking a walk to the store. Continuous adherence to some kind of physical activity can make you more “active”.  

Why be active?  

Everyone dies, right? So what is the real rationale behind being active, to stay healthy and fit if at the end of the day you will also, just die? Thing is, dying after living a full life, peacefully, without being bed ridden and dying after being sick for a long time has a difference. When you are getting older you get frail, bodily functions deteriorate, coordination of organs fail and you simply have to ask for help to live on. However if you keep fit, even if you are older, you will be able to take care of at least your basic functions. Also when you are getting older that means cells of your body are slowly decaying and dying off; so there is more chance of you getting sick. As a result of leading a lazy lifestyle, you will easily be a victim of heart diseases, cholesterol issues, diabetes and more similar illnesses.  

How to be active?  

Make this a part of your life. If you consider “being active” as a “new” or special thing, you will have to go out of your way to abide by it. But if you make it a part of your day-to-day activities it won’t feel like you are making an unusual attempt at being what you should actually be. Add things such as, walking to the store, taking stairs, eating more greens to your general day. If you really want to make a difference you can join a gym, follow a Zumba workshop or even learn a yin yoga sequence. Mostly if you make it a fun activity being fit and healthy will not bother you at all.  

It is mandatory to have an active life to be a healthy person. Find out how you can be so without making a big fuss about it.